• They are the modern representatives of the old era, they are ahead of the trend in Shanghai concession, 'Shanghai Old House' is another name for them. Red tile roofs, ocher shutters, revealing the unruly and arrogant. European Renaissance, Spanish, English style, are all composing architectural styles which is tolerant to diversity. Different from the Oriental Pearl which stands beside the Huangpu River , classic Shanghai old house is an important one of the ancient oriental civilization.

    She's perfect for either light drinking or with meal. Dom Pérignon, heavy fragrance and delicate taste, magnificent color are excellent complement to superior ingredients, which demonstrates her rare wine identity. 1990 pink champagne, lingeringly rich taste, finely supple, nobly elegant, which is in parise of outstading life. 'Be our wechat 『lesunchine』member,feel falvour of Shanghai

    Walk in mythology cloudland, trace Napoleon's victory, browse fubao Street window of ultimate luxury. Located in central Paris, Hotel Daniel, has a 18th century French hand-painted flowers and advanced custom wallpaper and polished precious moments through the carved wood furniture. Stay at Hotel Daniel, feeling amorous feelings in Huadu, in appreciation of the tongue delicious Michelin restaurant.

    How many diners coveted look crisp and fragrant, juicy inside French lamb chops? Entrance crisp salty, lamb coke and quit, unique flavor. You know cloves Seder Fried pork chops, featuring precious Spain, "pig" treasure, through the hands of the chef, cook gravy fuller, more smooth soft fragrant meat, then embellished a wine, why not taste the double vision enjoyment

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