Approach to LE SUN CHINE,Approach to WORLD CUPRoom Sales

Approach to LE SUN CHINE,Approach to WORLD CUP May 25—— June 10, during the World Cup, we will have 3 different sets of VIP deluxe rooms(RMB1288/ per room/per night) for you to choose and book. We will cheer the World Cup Games with you and give a dozen of beer for free, Continuous stay for 3 or 5 nights, you will get more package promotions and discounts.

  • Moller villa

    The magic dream house of a British girl, the daughter of Mr. Erik Moller. She dreamed that she owned “The castle
    of Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tales”, and so her father, Mr. Erik Moller built The Moller villa.
    30 Shanxi Nan RD--15 minutes by taxi.

  • Former Residence of Dr. Sun Yat-Sen

    Dr. Sun Yat-sen is the 1st President of Democratic China. His former living and historical documents are presentedhere.
    7 Xiangshan RD--17 minutes by taxi.

  • The site of the first congress of the communist party of china

    This was the apartment belonging to Mr. Li hanjun, the representative of the site of the first congress of the
    communist. The communist party of china’s first national congress in 1921, July 23 to 30 in the parlous.
    374 south Huangpi Lu--18 minutes by taxi

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