Approach to LE SUN CHINE,Approach to WORLD CUPRoom Sales

Approach to LE SUN CHINE,Approach to WORLD CUP May 25—— June 10, during the World Cup, we will have 3 different sets of VIP deluxe rooms(RMB1288/ per room/per night) for you to choose and book. We will cheer the World Cup Games with you and give a dozen of beer for free, Continuous stay for 3 or 5 nights, you will get more package promotions and discounts.

Born towards the end of the last century, Eugène-Aimé Salon, son of a Champenois cart maker, chose adventure as his way of life without ever losing touch with his native region. He went to Paris, as a young man full of enthusiasm and found himself a position in the fur trade. Initially a messenger boy, he rapidly gained responsibility and took the company‘s destiny into his own hands, developing it, and in doing so he became one of the most glittering personalities of Parisian life at the turn of the century. Frequently travelling to New York on business, he loved the good life and all the best things, and, it goes without saying for a Champenois, the best Champagne. He would dream of this subject –he dreamt of the most exceptional Champagne there could ever be, of a unique wine which would belong only to him.

He had kept close ties with Champagne, and he sought advice from his brother-in-law, a cellar master. There was land to be bought and work to be done. He chose the terroir, la Côte des Blancs; the best cru, le Mesnil-sur-Oger; the best parcels of vineyards, those above the church, where the most perfect balance of sugar and acidity could be achieved. His vision became clearer: he would create, for his personal consumption, a non-blended Champagne. At the beginning of the 20thcentury he just created the Blanc de Blancs. The first known vintage was 1905. Now that the tragedy of the war was over, he was encouraged by his numerous friends to profit more fully from his wine and the house of Salon was created, to cater for his new clientele.

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